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The power of journaling has been well documented and cannot be overstated.

There is something soothing about putting pen to paper, something deeply meaningful, something that we should all embrace to better understand our true nature and to gain control over our thoughts and emotions.

What is journaling really about?

Although there can be some similarities, journaling is not the same as keeping a diary which would normally consist of a daily update as to everything happening in your life.  Keeping a diary can be fun and if it brings you joy then great, however simply writing down memories and experiences will seldom lead to personal growth which is where journaling excels.  If you do wish to dip your toes into the art of journaling, you should know that the devil lies in the details.  Journaling focuses more on real self-reflection with the intention of getting to know yourself on a deeper level.  There is really no absolutely correct way to journal however there are techniques that will ensure you have the most powerful experience possible and there are other methods of journaling that ensure you will strive to avoid this practice at all costs, such as setting yourself a minimum writing target or following the same structure every single day.  Keep reading to discover our tips for journaling with hygëia.

The benefits of journaling…

The benefits are endless.  Articulating our thoughts and communicating them in a clear and concise way is really all we have, mastering this art is surely of paramount importance.

Several studies have shown that writing down your thoughts can lead to an increase in well-being and happiness.  In their book “The writing cure: How expressive writing promotes health and emotional well being” Stephan J. Lepore and Joshua Morrison Smyth describe how people with traumatic experiences can benefit from writing down their thoughts and feelings.  Additionally, journaling helps us to understand our desires, priorities, and worries.  It gives us direction and clarity which ultimately, guides us towards being the best version of ourselves…

Practical tips for Journaling…

  1. Keep your entries simple and be consistent
  2. Create a relaxing routine around journaling
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day
  4. Ask yourself powerful questions
  5. Reflect on previous entries to spot thinking patterns
  6. Enjoy the process

Three examples of effective journaling…

Morning Journal example:

  • Name 3 things in your life you are most grateful for right now?  feel them deeply
  • What one thing or action would make this day successful for you?
  • Affirmation of quotation to start the day

Evening Journal example:

  • What did I learn today?
  • What did I do really well today that should make me proud?  If nothing, that is ok, flip the question, What can I do better tomorrow?
  • Any other thoughts or feelings on my mind?

Feeling fearful or anxious?  Try this

  • What is the absolute worst that could happen if this situation evolves?
  • What steps could you take to repair the damage?  Chances are, it’s easier than you imagine.
  • What are the outcomes or benefits of more probable scenarios?
  • Positive affirmation or quotation

One does not need to stick to such a structure when journaling, this is simple guidance from a Goddess.  Allow yourself to explore various modes of journaling until you find the method(s) that works for you. This should be a time of creative exploration, not frustration.

Love & Blessings…hygëia

Journol by Hygeia

Jessy Deans is a copywriter with a strong appetite for thought-provoking stories, travel and anything covered in white chocolate. With a background working in the fast-paced television industry, she has learnt the importance of self-care and downtime and believes there’s no such thing as too many candles. She is passionate and committed to her lifelong search for the perfect meal and subscribes to the doctrine that ‘if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else’ (Ru Paul).

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