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Purify Your Home, Balance Your Body: Mastering The Art of Living

The Art of Living: Achieving Body Balance through Home Purification & Cleansing

What if the act of cleaning wasn’t a chore? What if it was a joyous, time-honored ritual that created space for what matters in your life? hygëia guides you through some of the most simple steps to help purify and cleanse your home and guide you to inner peace, thereby promoting Body Balance and enhancing The Art of Living.

Why is purifying and cleansing your home important?

Both spiritually and the physical act of cleaning? Your home is your sanctuary, your place of peace, your one unique space where you control the energy fields and set the standards. Only you. I quote Florence Nightingale when I say, “the connection between one’s health and the state of their dwelling cannot be understated”, in other words, if your home has bad energy or is dirty, disorganised or chaotic in any way, it will have a direct effect on your overall physical, mental and spiritual health.

There will be times when cleansing your home and removing all negative energy will be of the utmost importance. Specific life events that hit all of us like a tidal wave and catch us off guard. We are talking about a bad relationship break up, the loss of a loved one, maybe you have been sick or maybe you have simply been having a bad day. Negative energy within your home feeds on these feelings and can have a compounding effect. Clutter. Another big sign of negative energy in your home is clutter. Clutter blocks the way energy flows through a home, so it could be trapping the bad energy and making things worse. Keep reading to discover how to purify and cleanse your home using natural practices.

Elevate Your Everyday Experiences…

The Art of Living can only be discovered when we realign ourselves with mother nature. When we learn to find joy in our everyday moments.

There is sacred in the mundane, profoundness in the commonplace, and beauty in the dirt.

Cleaning can be luxurious, transformative, and even sensual experience that allows you to reconnect with the elements, shift your energy to tune out the static, and clear the clutter from the busy outside world. The routine of cleaning helps you re-establish harmony with your environment, highlighting the relationships between us and our surroundings. The same elements found in nature are found in each of us. What exists in the world also exists in our mind, body, and spirit.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Channel your inner Goddess, your inner hygëia. Your home is your temple. Your sanctuary. Your sacred space.

This is not just cleaning.

This is a lifestyle based on love, beauty & awareness…

How to Purify and Cleanse Your Home for Body Balance…

The rituals of hygëia

  1. Set your intention: Start with the end in mind and harness the power of your imagination. A short meditation or prayer can work wonders. How do you want your sacred space to feel? For example, you might say, “I wish to rid my home of all negative energy thereby creating a calm space where I feel focused and productive”.

  2. Play sound healing instruments: Sounds and music have the power to shift all energy types when used carefully. Soothing sound instruments such as a Tibetan Bowl, harmony balls, or rain will transform your experience. See our favourite relaxation tracks HERE.

  3. Strategically place your reiki crystals: Crystals are Mother Nature in their purest form. Remember we talked about there being beauty in the dirt? Crystals are living proof of that as they originate directly from the earth. They are said to carry with them various forms of energy through their vibrational properties and have been used by hygëia and the ancient Greeks during healing remedies. Two stones to place around your home to clear negative energy are black tourmaline and hematite.

  4. Declutter your home & organize Begin by tackling one room at a time. Only keep items that spark joy in your life, be ruthless! That one item you have been saving for years just in case you might one day need it, you don’t, trust us and you will thank us later. Be sure to organise everything into categories which will subconsciously free up space in your mind. Marie Kondo is a Goddess in her own right and can pass on more wisdom on this crucial step.

  5. Open all doors and windows These are your entry points for negative energy. Open all of them to create a fresh flow of clean energy and keep them open until you have finished your rituals.

  6. Get to cleaning There are no shortcuts here. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Breath deep. Ensure that you are using cleaning products that are fresh, natural & sustainable; kind to you and the planet. For an extra sensual experience, you can clean au naturel!

  7. Burn incense Palo Santo sticks are a great place to start. This is a type of fragrant wood that is native to South America and can be burned as incense. It is known to be a vigorous energy cleanser; just light one end of a stick as you move throughout your home, altering your intention as needed. For example, you may want to promote unity and nourishment in your kitchen or community and sanctuary in your living room. Once you’ve finished cleansing the space itself, cup your hands around the smoke and waft it over your face and around your body, visualizing any remaining negativity, stress, or pollutants leaving your body and drifting out the open windows.

  8. To finish Close all of your doors and windows, light a candle, & do something small that will bring you a huge amount of joy in order to reset the mood within your new deeply cleansed sanctuary. Call that friend or family member you have been meaning to call.

Bottom Line

Incorporate these mindful rituals into your weekly routine and you will unquestionably be on your path to true body balance which will, in turn, enable you to become more inspired to take action on the things that matter most in your life.  This in essence, is the art of living.

Love & Blessings…hygëia

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