girl holding a spray bottle outside in nature underneath shade created by bamboo trees


Our formulations have an extremely high carbon index rating at 98% making them planet friendly by design.

We avoid the usage of single use plastic which is becoming a real world issue.

In addition, 90% of our home cleaning products are made up of water. Why then do we unnecessarily ship over 230 BILLION tons of water around the world each year?

With our solution, you use your own water and we provide you only with the necessary powdered form cleaning concentrate. 

  • image of sustainable refillable cleaning products next to a regular plastic cleaning bottle

    Refuse Single Use Plastic

    Our refillable cleaning products support a circular economy.

  • Image highlighting how much water is unnecessarily shipped around the world and then a solution highlighted

    No unnecessary shipment of water

    Cleaning solutions are 90% water, why then do we ship this water around the world?

  • Yes to saving rainforests

    We commit to planting one tree for each purchased home starter set