Mother Nature's Finest

Natural Ingredients

Eucalyptus Powder

The Eucalyptus plant dates back to 1700s in Europe and are native to Australia. Eucalyptus is well known for it's antiseptic healing powers.


Floral with a touch of spice, this fragrant booster comes from lavender, mint and other plants. Added bonus: linalool is natural pest and insect repellent.

Fig Essential Oil

Fig oil is derived from the seed and leaf of the fig tree. Our fig essential oil has an understated natural forest-like aroma known for calming properties which are perfect for relaxation.

Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang flower grows on the Cananga tree in tropical climates. Ylang ylang’s aromatic scent is fruity, flowery, and rich with uplifting properties.

Peppermint Essential Oil

100% essential oil — Energy-boosting, motivating and known for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Sourced from India.


A powerful natural fragrance enhancer. This yummy oil is a natural by-product of the geranium plant and smells divine

Citric Acid

A natural acid found in citrus fruit and berries, this helps remove hard water stains.

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

Made from coconuts and fermented sugar. Lends serious grime-and-grease-fighting foaming power.

Sodium Carbonate

Better know as, Salt!

Used to adjust the concentrate’s final pH for maximum potency and cleaning power.

Hostapon TPHC

A plant-based, mild, anionic surfactant. It is a sulphate-free, cleansing and degreasing agent.


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