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Luxury Home Cleaning | Full House Collection

Luxury Home Cleaning | Full House Collection

What you receive

Full home cleaning starter set including our beautifully designed, refillable amber glass bottles in addition to three natural cleaning powders derived from mother natures finest plants, minerals, and essential oils.

3 x Amber Glass Cleaning Bottles 500ml

3 x High compression spray triggers

1 x Multi-Purpose Cleaner

1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner

1 x Bathroom Cleaner

Scent Description

*All solutions come with an understated scent to create a natural & soothing experience.


Top notes: Eucalyptus & Fig

Mood: Woody, Relaxing, Purifying


Top notes: Peppermint & Grapefruit

Mood: Fresh, Energetic, Uplifting

Glass & Mirror

Top notes: Lavender & Ylang

Mood: Sweet, Revitalising, Cool


Discover the Art Of Mindful Cleaning with our Home Cleaning Starter Set designed to transform routines into rituals, making cleaning a rejuvenating experience.  Crafted with love and care, our products are not just cleaning solutions, but a step towards a more conscious lifestyle.  Find moments of peace amidst the chaos, create joyful experiences in everyday tasks and transform your home into a sanctuary of cleanliness and serenity.

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  • small image icon representing refillable cleaning products

    Refillable Glass Bottles

    Our solution to reduce plastic waste & support a circular economy.

  • small image icon representing natural cleaning products and the ingredients used

    Plant Based Ingredients

    Safe yet effective formulations derived from plants & minerals.

  • small image icon representing unique aromatic scents used for home care products

    Aromatic Scents

    Infused with fragrances that transform your home into a haven.

  • small image icon representing vegan and cruelty free

    Vegan & Cruelty Free

    Our commitment to ethical practices means no animal products or testing.


Inspired by


Our plant based ingredients are ethically sourced with the highest quality in mind to create a powerful, yet eco-friendly cleansing experience that will purify your home, and your soul...

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  • image of sustainable refillable cleaning products next to a regular plastic cleaning bottle

    No More Single Use Plastic

    Our refillable cleaning products support a circular economy.

  • Image highlighting how much water is unnecessarily shipped around the world and then a solution highlighted

    No unnecessary shipment of water

    Cleaning solutions are 90% water, why do we ship this water around the world?

  • Yes To Embracing The Natural World

    We use non-toxic organic compounds to support a circular economy

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Frequently Asked


Do our cleaning products really work?

Our formulations have been thoroughly tested via 3rd party laboratories and the results are in, our plant magic powders are proven to be just as effective as regular high street brands

Are the ingredients 100% natural

Multi Surface: 100% Natural

Bathroom: 98.2% Natural

Glass & Mirror: 98.2% Natural

We use safe synthetic perfumes in certain cleaning solutions and you can see our full list of ingredients HERE.

Are the cleaning products anti-bacterial?

Yes. Although our formulas are plant based, they contain powerful antibacterial properties and are therefore efficient at killing germs. As with all cleaners, the longer they stay on a surface, the more powerful the effect therefore for maximum impact, you can spray first and leave sitting on the surface for a short period prior to wiping.

Are the products pet friendly?

Yes, they are. We have developed our formulas without volatile organic compounds so that they are safe to be used around pregnant women, children, and animals.

How long will my bottles last?

Our products are specifically designed for reusability. We believe ‘reuse’ is the new ‘recycle’. Simply refill our glass bottles with water and add our powdered cleaning concentrates. They should, if taken care of, last forever.

What happens if I break my glass bottle?

Our bottles are made from tough and thick medical grade amber glass however should the unthinkable happen, glass by its very nature is infinitely recyclable.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee on both our bottles and spray trigger heads at checkout.

What is included in my subscription?

3 x refills for every surface to ensure you never run out. Your subscription can be customised at anytime.

In addition, you are becoming part of a community of mindful souls who choose to live with intention... We always include an extra goodies within our subscription boxes to reflect this.