Young girl in nature with flower on her back

The Greek


hygëia is the Greek Goddess of health, cleanliness & sanitation.  She is distinctly remembered for guiding her community to inner peace through rituals that cleanse the mind, body & soul. 


Now reborn to transform your home environment into a precious sanctuary by creating sustainable, yet luxurious rituals…

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Image of many people rushing around in New York Times Square

Our Modern day


In a world powered by technology,

we have become more connected than ever, yet never more disconnected, from our true nature.

When was the last time you switched off or unplugged from the world?

Image of 3 amber glass bottles



The art of living can only be discovered when we learn to find joy in our everyday moments.

There is sacred in the mundane, profoundness in the commonplace, and yes, diamonds amongst the dirt.

Inspired by nature, we offer sustainable home cleaning sets like no other. 

This is more than cleaning,

This is a lifestyle based on love, beauty & awareness…

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