Meditating Buddha’s Secrets to Self Love: Mastering Your 7 Chakras

Meditating Buddha’s Secrets to Self Love: Mastering Your 7 Chakras

Introduction to the 7 Chakras – Their Meanings and the Meditating Buddha

The chakra system, akin to a meditating Buddha, is an age-old ancient system consisting of seven key energy centers found within the astral body. The Astral body, which was philosophised first by Plato, is known as the spiritual counterpart to the physical body and is well known to the Yogic community.  

Metaphorically speaking, Chakras resemble spinning wheels that control the flow of energy within the body stretching from the base of our spine, all the way to the crown of our head.  If any of these wheels become too open or blocked, the flow of energy is disturbed which in turn upsets our overall sense of health and wellbeing.  Chakras are also called lotuses; Just as the beautiful Lotus blossoms on the water’s surface, under the light of the Sun, so too can our Chakras blossom when we use our mind and body in the right way.

Each individual Chakra radiates a unique vibration, colour and sound which correspond to specific nerve bundles, glands & major organs within the physical body.  Having a conscious awareness of these energy centers and striving for balance between them is in essence, the practice of yoga.

Why Are The 7 Chakras and the Meditating Buddha so Important?

We are all beings booming abundant amounts of energy. We are proficient in channeling energy from the universe into ourselves, and vice versa, meaning that we have the potential to use this transmission of energy to boost our lives in an extremely positive way. But this energy does not flow randomly. Our bodies have exact nodes at which this energy is focused; gaining self control over these nodes and having full access to your Chakras has the power to be life changing, and not just for you, but for all those around you who come to encompass your positive vibrations.

Chakra work can also be thought of as healing healing work.  When harmonized and activated using certain techniques, they have been said to have prevented severe illnesses and even cured disease.

Gaining mastery over your 7 Chakras can also be used to release tension in your life by removing negative energies within your body which accumulate over time.

We all experience an imbalance of sorts from time to time due to emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental causes; each influences the other; however, many healers consider that the primary cause of all imbalance is eventually spiritual.  Channeling your 7 Chakras and activating your spiritual body can change your life.

Meditating Buddha


7 ways To Change Your Life By Focusing On Your 7 Chakras and the Meditating Buddha:

  1. Yoga
    Yoga seeks to stimulate and balance these chakras or energy centers within the body. Specific yoga postures are linked directly to each Chakra therefore you can focus your attention accordingly. Learn more with this simple guided Chakra routine.
  2. Breathing exercises
    This method is directly Intertwined with Yoga and is fundamental when learning how to control your nervous system. Controlling your body & emotional state with specific breath work has proven to be extremely effective. Follow this short and simple guided routine by Yogafiona_UK
  3. Meditation
    Meditation is like a meditating Buddha becoming ever more popular in our western world and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The Waking Up App, developed by neuroscientist Sam Harris, opens the door to a deeper understanding of yourself by combining daily meditations with practical theory work. Try it for FREE
  4. Reflection
    Achieving clarity of mind an exploring who you truly are is of utmost importance when we talk about finding inner harmony. The art of journaling can kickstart your journey to inner peace
  5. Diet
    Ever heard that saying, “you are what you eat”…There is truth in this. Where do we come from really? We are soil. Food, as well as every living being, originates from soil. Discover the connection between who you are and what you eat by eating fresh foods and minimizing processed food. Better yet, grow your own produce, you will be amazed with the wisdom this brings. Learn more with GrowingFamily
  6. Visualisation
    Chakras respond best to sound and color vibrations. All of them resonate in tune with a particular color, as well as a particular musical note or tone. By imagining the colors and tones of each chakra, you can restore your chakras to their original levels of brightness, vitality, and clarity. Read more.
  7. Slow down
    This is very important because your chakras work best when they are moving at just the right pace for you, not anybody else, not too fast nor too slow; find your own pace of life to ensure your Chakras are rotating smoothly. Kinfolk embody the art of slow living should you wish to embrace the slow life.

Conclusion: Balancing Chakras with a Meditating Buddha and Self Love Gifts

You will be astonished at the differences you will feel within yourself when your chakras are all balanced, stimulated, and finely tuned. Create space to work on your spiritual body today. Consider self love gifts like a meditating Buddha statue to aid in your journey.

Love & Blessings…hygëia

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