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Support for groundbreaking carbon removal technologies.

Support for groundbreaking carbon removal technologies.

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In our busy over stimulated world, carving out more time to slow down can often feel impossible….this is why building rituals into your already present daily routines is so important.

Give yourself the luxury of healthy rituals that prioritise your own standards of happiness.

What you receive

Full home cleaning starter set including our beautifully designed, refillable amber glass bottles in addition to three natural cleaning powders derived from mother natures finest plants, minerals, and essential oils.

3 x Amber Glass Cleaning Bottles 500ml

1 x Multi-Purpose Cleaner

1 x Bathroom Cleaner

1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner


Our natural & plant-based ingredients are ethically sourced with the highest quality in mind to create a powerful, yet eco-friendly cleansing experience that will purify your home and sanctuary.

We put the earth before higher profits to lead the way towards a reusable first future.

How to use?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do our cleaning products really work?

Our formulations have been thoroughly tested via 3rd party laboratories and the results are in, our plant magic powders are proven to be just as effective as regular high street brands

Are the ingredients 100% natural

Yes, all ingredients used in our formulations are derived from mother natures finest plants, minerals & essential oils

Are the products pet friendly?

Yes, they are. We have developed our formulas without volatile organic compounds so that they are safe to be used around you, pregnant women, children, and animals.

How long will my bottles last?

Our products are specifically designed for reusability. We believe ‘reuse’ is the new ‘recycle’. Simply refill our glass bottles with water and add our powdered cleaning concentrates. They should, if taken care of, last forever.

What happens if I break my glass bottle?

Our bottles are made from tough and thick medical grade amber glass however should the unthinkable happen, glass by its very nature is infinitely recyclable.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee on both our bottles and spray trigger heads at checkout.